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Custom Art Glass at it's Ultimate Palace Of Glass is a provider of high-end architectural glass products based in California, USA. Our fine art glass paneling is designed by some of the world's best artisans and includes varieties of etched glass, cast glass and sculptured stacked glass. Our deep carved glass and painted glass products are the most innovative alternative to stained glass. We offer unique and easy opportunities to enhance and beautify your home or business with the best of designer glass. Choose from our diverse selection of decorative glass or have us produce your own custom glass designs!

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Carnival Glass: How to identify this decorative glass piece?

decorative glass panel with yellow flower Carnival glass is a decorative glass that first appeared in U.S. markets in the early 1900s. The first pieces were designed by the Fenton Art Glass Company. This product got its unique name because it was initially sold to wholesalers, who probably sold it at discounted rates at carnivals.

It appeared on the scene when giants such as Tiffany and Steuben dominated the market. These were only accessible by the affluent members of society. Carnival decorative glass with its bright and colorful appearance was affordable by the masses. It was bought by many housewives during that time period. Today, it has become a collector’s favorite, and with so many of them in the market, it helps to be able to identify a genuine object over a fake one.

Stained Glass: The Old and the New

living room with stained glass doorsThe term “stained glass” refers to both a material and to objects of various kinds that have been manufactured or produced from coloured glass. When most people hear about this kind of product, they think of the glorious and glowing windows in the world famous cathedrals or churches that depict religious subject matter or biblical stories. However, it has been produced since ancient times with both the Romans and Egyptians producing and using such items. Some pieces preserved in museums show that the Romans possessed extraordinary abilities to produce objects of immense delicacy and radiance when held up to the light.