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Palace Of Glass Palace Of Glass is a provider of high-end architectural glass products based in California, USA. Our fine art glass paneling is designed by some of the world's best artisans and includes varieties of etched glass, cast glass and sculptured stacked glass.
Deep Carved Glass and Painted Glass Our deep carved glass and painted glass products are the most innovative alternative to stained glass. We offer unique and easy opportunities to enhance and beautify your home or business with the best of designer glass. Choose from our diverse selection of decorative glass or have us produce your own custom glass designs!

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STAINED GLASS and it's Magnificence

The captivating beauty of stained glass has enthralled and delighted visitors to churches and cathedrals for more than a thousand years.

News of the trend

Enameled and gilded glass is the best known and historically most treasured type of Islamic glass. The production of such art glass was the specialty of the regions controlled by the Ayubids and the Mamluks (present-day Egypt and Syria) in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries…

Seattle artist Dale Chihuly has taken the concept of the collaborative effort even further. Since an accident in 1976 left him blinded in one eye, and without the perception of depth needed to work with molten art glass, he has had no physical input into his work…

Baccarat and Saint Louis of France and Val Saint Lambert of Belgium are all large custom glass companies and each produced a variety of types of designer glass. All three produced cameo art glass, much of which was in a similar style with a thin layer of transparent colored glass on a clear glass base with acid cutting…

Photovoltaic glass is a special glass with integrated solar cells, to convert solar energy into electricity. This means that the power for an entire building can be produced within the roof and fa?ade areas…

In tandem with Anzolo Fuga, Martens reworked the traditional Venetian zanfirico technique for the AVEM factory. Named after the 19th–century Venetian art dealer Antonio Sanquirico, who revived this ancient process, the zanfiirico technique consists of heating multicolored glass rods, twisting them together, and encasing them within a clear glass shell, resulting in an intricate filigree effect…