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What makes Custom Glass so remarkable?

Custom glass is a quite remarkable product that most of us take for granted because it is such an integral part of our lives. You heat sand, you get glass. Sounds simple, yet apart from a cataclysmic  event or a stray bolt of lightening this is not something ordinary individuals ever encounter.

We come across it daily in windows, windshields, spectacles, decorative elements, buildings, hi-tech applications, and so forth. This unique material has several properties or characteristics, which make it an ideal choice for a wide range of unique products increasingly being used in variety of fields.

 Characteristics of custom glass

  • Designer glass window with green leaves and woman image-PGA302Glass is what is known as anon-crystalline or amorphous solid because there is no long-range order in terms of the molecule’s positioning.

  • When heated, it undergoes a transition from solid or hard, back to liquid or molten. More significantly, transition does not affect the material’s structure much. In other words, material can be worked, altered, even reworked in order to produce new compounds.

  • Many people are familiar with the fact that colours, pigments or other elements can be introduced into molten substance and lead to creation and proliferation of beautiful custom stained glass, beautiful vases, coloured dinnerware and other objects that are both visually pleasing and functional. 

Why this material is so unique and valuable?

Several qualities of this everyday material can be altered, which again means it is a versatile and exciting substance.

  • Reference has already been made to the fact that colour can be used for either functional or aesthetic reasons.

  • It is a very hard substance and custom tempered glass can be produced that is abrasion resistant. It will also meet the safety standards for glass applications and make your installations more professional.

  • Some glass can be made resistant to bases and acids or heat and temperature.

  • Glass has a refractive index and dispersion properties that also lend themselves to optical and fibre optic technologies. That allows different light diffusion options on glass products.

  • Thermal properties can be altered in terms of expansion rates, melt temperatures, and overall stability.

Custom glass is now beingSustom glass shower door with blue water drop and green leaf-PGA104 widely used in various home decor projects, buildings, and even high-tech applications. Most people add elements of glass to their homes by displaying beautiful vases, ornamental figurines, decorative bowls, and installing custom glass tabletops, custom glass shower doors, windows, partitions, backsplashes and much more. Although this material has already been utilized in electronics, automotive, medical and communications fields (to name just a few), new and exciting applications are being discovered all the time. It’s exciting to think where things will be in next decades.

With every new invention of glass technology, the use of remarkable sand substance goes to another level. A glassmaker needs to work with the wonderful qualities of material to create a new product, so the end result has all the required properties to allow the installation perform its desired function and have durability. This creative work is challenging but immensely rewarding for those involved. All of us as end users are the beneficiaries of the such results.

Our company has wide range of capabilities to assist our customers with projects that require any kind of custom glass products.

Palace of Glass Blog

How to MAKE STACKED GLASS with Showcases of Installations

Watch this step by step video to understand how to make a stacked glass sample. We will guide you through the process of cutting, chipping, texturing, gluing and applying the UV light.

Stacked Glass is an architectural product that is made from layers of glass glued or ' stacked ' together. The external surface can then be textured in many different ways and used for decorative walls, accents, waterfalls, etc,

Second part of the video showcases best images from the stacked glass installations by Palace of Glass and other decorative glass studios.










Carnival Glass: How to identify this decorative glass piece?

decorative glass panel with yellow flower Carnival glass is a decorative glass that first appeared in U.S. markets in the early 1900s. The first pieces were designed by the Fenton Art Glass Company. This product got its unique name because it was initially sold to wholesalers, who probably sold it at discounted rates at carnivals.

It appeared on the scene when giants such as Tiffany and Steuben dominated the market. These were only accessible by the affluent members of society. Carnival decorative glass with its bright and colorful appearance was affordable by the masses. It was bought by many housewives during that time period. Today, it has become a collector’s favorite, and with so many of them in the market, it helps to be able to identify a genuine object over a fake one.

Custom Art Glass at it's Ultimate

Palace of Glass is a provider of hight-end architectural glass products based in California, USA. Our fine art glass paneling is designed by some of the world's best artisans and includes varieties of etched glass, cast glass and sculptured stacked glass.


Our deep carved glass and painted glass products are the most innovative alternative to stained glass. We offer unique and easy opportunities to enhance and beautify your home or business with the best of designer glass. Choose from our diverse selection of decorative glass or have us produce your own custom glass designs!