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Carnival Glass: How to identify this decorative glass piece?

decorative glass panel with yellow flower Carnival glass is a decorative glass piece that first appeared in U.S. markets in the early 1900s. The first pieces of carnival glass were designed by the Fenton Art Glass Company. This decorative glass got its unique name because it was initially sold to wholesalers, who probably sold it at discounted rates at carnivals.

Stained Glass: The Old and the New

living room with stained glass doors The term “stained glass” refers to both a material and also to objects of various kinds that have been manufactured or produced from stained or coloured glass. When most people hear the words, stained glass they think of the glorious and glowing windows in the world famous cathedrals or churches that depict religious subject matter or biblical stories.

Stained Glass Restoration: Signs that indicate your windows need attention

Living room with stained glass style decorative panel with bamboo patern Stained glass is sometimes referred to as colored glass. It is most commonly associated with churches and cathedrals. In modern day, many people choose to install stained glass windows in order to add an aesthetic quality to their homes. However, stained glass is also vulnerable to damage and deterioration.


Hotel lobby with stained glass style decorative panel with leaves patternThe captivating beauty of stained glass has enthralled and delighted visitors to churches and cathedrals for more than a thousand years.

Inspiration of Restoration: Stained Glass as a Window to our Past

Glass door with stained glass elements with yellow tulips pattern The deterioration of historical buildings extends beyond crumbling bricks and mortar, drastically impacting irreplaceable artwork – such as hand painted stained glass windows.

Going Beyond Stained Glass

 Stained glass has a history that expands over a thousand years. Traditionally, stained glass was exclusive to windows found in churches and important buildings. Modern stained glass use has extended to sculpture and three-dimensional structures.

Darkness, pain and morbidity brought to life through the light of stained glass

stained glass style doors with oragne fall trees patternJudith Schaeckter makes no excuses for the darkness that encompasses her subject matter projected onto stained glass. She likes scary paintings. “I am interested in death in general,” she says, “Cemeteries and cemetery art…old New England graveyards, the Gettysburg battlefield, of course, but also lots of other stuff related to death piques my interest”.

A look at stained glass as a craft through the eyes of master craftswoman Judith Schaeckter

stained glass style framed picture of JesusThe importance of stained glass as one of the central narrative media of the Middle Ages has seen a revival in modern times as well. Few are as passionate about this medium as master craftswoman Judith Schaeckter. She dismissed the art form of painting as facing an empty canvas terrified her.


bedroom with stained glass style decorative panel above bedHave you ever wondered how you could sneak the enchanting decorative glass décor into your bedroom? Well, there is so much that can be done with the decorative glass in the bedroom and breathtaking scenes can be achieved especially when the decorative glass is fixed to a chinoiserie frame.


Custom glass has a long history. If the Ancient Greeks are to be believed, humankind owes the gift of fire to the pesky troublemaker known as Prometheus, who stole it from under the nose of the great god Zeus. Others attribute it to the bored hands of pleasure seeking early humanoids, such as the Neanderthals. However and wherever the gift of the dancing flames originated, without it’s intense heat, there would never have been the substance we call glass.

Custom Art Glass at it's Ultimate

Palace Of Glass Palace Of Glass is a provider of high-end architectural glass products based in California, USA. Our fine art glass paneling is designed by some of the world's best artisans and includes varieties of etched glass, cast glass and sculptured stacked glass.
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