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Palace Of Glass Palace Of Glass is a provider of high-end architectural glass products based in California, USA. Our fine art glass paneling is designed by some of the world's best artisans and includes varieties of etched glass, cast glass and sculptured stacked glass.
Deep Carved Glass and Painted Glass Our deep carved glass and painted glass products are the most innovative alternative to stained glass. We offer unique and easy opportunities to enhance and beautify your home or business with the best of designer glass. Choose from our diverse selection of decorative glass or have us produce your own custom glass designs!

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STAINED GLASS and it's Magnificence

The captivating beauty of stained glass has enthralled and delighted visitors to churches and cathedrals for more than a thousand years.

News of the trend

Andre Delatte started art glass production in Nancy in the 1920's with detail achieved by the Roman cameo carver even though it does not equal the technical excellence achieved by George Woodall in the late 19th and early 20th century…

As Murano factories attracted greater esteem, the market for their wares expanded commensurately. Smaller factories determined to profit from this boom quickly appropriated the most commercially attractive designs…

Milk Glass is a term used by art glass-makers for opaque white glass. The German term is milch–glass, the Italian term is lattimo (from latte, milk) and the French term is blanc-de-lait (milk white) or verre-de-lait. It looks like white porcelain…

The superlative skills of Scandinavian glassmakers were by no means limited to colored art glass. They also excelled in the field of textured and custom engraved glass, none more so than Timo Sarpaneva and Tapia Wirkkala, who designed for the Finnish firm Iittala…

In the United States, Blenko was one of the most innovative custom glass producers. After World War II, Willia H. Blenko Jr. became the third generation to join the family firm and his arrival coincided with that of Winslow Anderson…