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Decorative glass art work is ever evolving. In ancient days this precious sun-catcher glass was confined to church windows. Today, decorative glass products can be more than we expect. 3D effects technologies are applied to glassware to create thrilling effects. You can grab the attention of your home visitors and demand their closer look by creating dramatic effects with well-crafted glassware.

The beauty of decorative glass artwork is that they are not mere products or glassware. They have special features that create particular atmospheres and moods. Take for example the stained glass used mainly in cathedrals. The aim of these windows translates beyond pretty and eye-catching church windows. They serve to remind congregants of their faith or their heroes of faith. The same effects can be achieved in your home with the decorative glass. You can add a touch of class and luxury to your kitchen and dining rooms with glasswork like sculptures, compotes, celery vases, punchbowls, tumblers and sugar bowls.

There are glass manufactures that can create whatever glass product you dream of. They can create glassware as unique gifts by engraving the faces of your family members on tumblers or decanters. To make the glass work more personal, you can have glassware with motifs for your family and loved ones. In 1825, Blakewell, Page & Blakewell created a decanter with an engraved sulphide portrait of President George Washington using blown and cut glass. Blakewell, Page & Blakewell also made luxury ware which included sugar pots, vases, bottles, tumblers and holloware. But it was their decorative glass products (i.e. decanters and tumblers) that made them the unchallenged leaders of glass products in America, between 1815 and 1822. Many people who came into contact with Blakewell’s flint glass products admired them and thought they were “certainly very beautiful”.

Photo№2 - Decorative GlassThe effects of well-crafted glass products can be seen on every other thing surrounding it. Everything surrounding the glass trophy, jewelry, sugar bowl or decanter will look classy and luxurious especially when the glassware is properly exposed to sun-light.  The glass sculpture can brighten your coffee table or your spouse’s office. Trophies with motifs on the study desk of your child can serve as a reminder of an affirmation statement that encourages him or her to be the best they can be. If you have an idea or concept you want to turn into a luxurious decorative glass product, find a highly skilled and experienced glassmaker. Contact the Palace of Glass for more information on the creation of these beautiful objects.

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