Custom Art Glass at it's Ultimate

Palace of Glass is a provider of hight-end architectural glass products based in California, USA. Our fine art glass paneling is designed by some of the world's best artisans and includes varieties of etched glass, cast glass and sculptured stacked glass.


Our deep carved glass and painted glass products are the most innovative alternative to stained glass. We offer unique and easy opportunities to enhance and beautify your home or business with the best of designer glass. Choose from our diverse selection of decorative glass or have us produce your own custom glass designs!

Decorative Glass: from trend to function

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Decorative glass always attracted artisans as a medium for expression. It is a unique material in a sense that it is hard in nature but transparent to light. It can be transformed into various shapes and mixed with colors. Combining traditional wisdom of creating carvings on transparent textures with hi-tech machinery for pre and post production of designer paneling, Palace of Glass is a world known production house. Modern day interior designers have so many options and opportunities to make their projects special. Vast varieties of new materials allows flexibility of production and feasibility. Even though remaining essentially the same medium by so many technologies that developed around it artisans can think big now and allow their imagination to soar high.


Glass became widely used in many kitchen applications; we use it for salad bowls and cooking trays. With the ability to temper it became more durable and heat resistant. We often see oven doors having a fire resistant glass. Recently our design team received several orders from hospitality and restaurant owners for decorative glass cutting boards. In many high end catering events it is considered part of the presentation to serve food on related design pattern.

Photo№2 - Decorative Glass PGC443

Entry doors and some related notes

Decorative glass entry doors can be done in several fashions. Some can feature frameless door that will be attached on one side to hinges. Most often for safety concerns you would want to laminate or at least temper that door. When laminating try to use lighter decorative glass door inserts as the door will become heavier with each layer of laminated texture. Another solution will be to make designer partitions out of glass. The door can remain made from wood or metal but inserts can be custom produced for you. Decorative glass interior doors is another very popular design decision when transparency between the sections of the space can become an issue.

Churches and religious buildings

Decorative glass always been an inspiration to humanity. Our team of designers have experience in providing varieties of devotional projects facilitating it’s conceptualization, concept drawing, and layout suggestions. Based on your input and vision we would create pre-production sketch that would show you the layout of all the elements of the design. We find it is practical to color code designs on the layout with color swatches; there are several ways to reference those.

Not just a decoration!

With contemporary development of glass industry more and more opportunities come to designers and enthusiasts as well. This amazing medium becomes not just a mere decoration of the interior, rather it becomes functional element that can carry the aesthetic value. So many elements in contemporary building can be made out of it - walls and ceilings, stairs and railings. Only your imagination can stop you from using your favorite medium in making the environment around yourself the way you want it.

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